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Feb 07 2018

Team RWBY is assembled!! Yang Xiao Long joins the fight in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle!!

The gang is all here! BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle revealed at EVO 2018 more upcoming characters for the upcoming fighting game. Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long join their teammates, Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee, for the epic battle!! They will be released as free DLC when the game drops May 31 in Japan and …

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Jan 09 2015

Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE: Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy!!

The stage has been set and the curtain is drawn! It’s time to see who is the better bad-ass! It’s BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear as two of the most popular characters in an anime fighting game go head-to-head! Find out who wins in the DEATH BATTLE!!

Dec 28 2014

Ragna the Bloodedge cuts into Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

BlazBlue’s poster boy Ragna will be a contestant in an upcoming Death Battle. But does the sword wielding vampire has what it takes to stand against this opponent–Guilty Gear’s Sol Badguy?!!

Aug 28 2014

The J1-Con Wall of Tournaments!

As the date of J1-Con approaches, we remind you to prepare yourselves for battle. Hone your skills, solidify your decks, stretch out those thumbs! With a chance to win some extra spending cash (and a custom engraved J1-Con 1st place medal), the competition may be fierce. Be it Pokemon X/Y on 3DS, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading …

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Jul 26 2014

BlazBlue Tournament at J1-Con! Yup.. Money on the Table!

You wanted it, you’re getting it. A BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma tournament has been added to the schedule of events for the upcoming J1-Con Sept 2014!   ENTRY FEE: $10.00 – Double Elimination PRIZES: 1st Place = 70%, 2nd Place = 20%, 3rd Place = 10% of the Entry fee collection One-on-One matches. For the complete …

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Nov 28 2012

New BlazBlue Game Announced

A new installment of BlazBlue was recently announced last week. Titled Chrono Phantasma, this newest installment is taking place after the events of Continuum Shift and has a lot of additions to the system including 4 new characters, new gaming mechanics, and an AI that fights as fierce as any tournament player. It has been …

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