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John Wick 2 actress cast to portray “Batwoman” in the Arrowverse!!

The signal has been raised and the call has been answered. CWTV tweeted that they are welcoming John Wick 2 actress Ruby Rose to the Arrow universe as Batwoman. The character will be introduced in the annual crossover episode of Arrow in December 2018. However, the other DC shows will not crossover into Arrowverse with …

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J1 Studios interviews Young Justice animator, Matthew Bordenave!!

Matt, thank you for this opportunity, and I know you’ve worked on one of my favorite shows, Young Justice. What are some of the other titles or projects that you’ve had your hands in? Did you do something for Call of Duty Black Ops? Thanks I enjoy working on Young Justice a lot. I wish …

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Reprint: LGBT characters in mainstream comics

Knowing that among the J1 extended family and fandom in general there are a lot of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people, I thought this article from a Cleveland LGBT newspaper might be nice to run. Last issue saw the review of two independent gay-themed comic books or graphic novels. However, the majority of …

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