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Let’s get Mad, Bad and Crazy with Battletoads in “On the Next Level!!”

Toads. Turtles. Sharks. What do these animals have in common, besides the fact that they live and around water? Well, they are the subject of several cartoons and accompanying games released in the decade of high top sneakers and the first Bush Administration. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had the airwaves and digital world under …

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“Cheesy Cartoons” gets warty with Battletoads!!

Video games cartoons were all the rage back in the days of the first President Bush and the Gulf War. Between Captain N, Super Mario and Double Dragon, we were treated to watching the very games we loved to play. There were hits. And there were misses. And since this is Cheesy Cartoons, I, Devildriver1313, …

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