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Mar 09 2015

PAGE 36 of the Mega Ran webcomic is up for FREE!

End scene. The battle between Mega Ran and Jessi Maraj has come to an end. How? Well, check it out, and tell us what you think. HIP HOP, RAP BATTLE, TOURNAMENT MANGA!!! COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!! Read PAGE 36 by CLICKING HERE or by just going to the COMICS section and look for Mega Ran: Random Lyricism.

Nov 28 2014

Page 32 of the Mega Ran webcomic is up!

OUCH! Is that even a LEGAL MOVE?! Wow, now that’s brutal! COMMENT BELOW WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!! Read PAGE 32 by CLICKING HERE or by just going to the COMICS section and look for Mega Ran: Random Lyricism.

Aug 13 2014

Fury Rages On-Kratos vs. Asura: Rage of the Titans!!

“Daddy,” says a child’s voice. “Daddy, get up.” The voice is cheerful and full of laughter. Kratos opens his eyes. There is no sky. He sees a stone ceiling above him. “Get up, Daddy.” Kratos hears the voice again and sits up. To his surprise, he is in a home. He scans the room he …

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May 17 2014

Godzilla (2014) movie review. SPOILER FREE!

“Up from the depths thirty stories high…!” It’s been a while since we’ve grown a pair big enough to attempt another American film based on the King of all Monsters, Godzilla, yet here we are.  Let’s start off with the overall plot summary that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. in participation with Toho published. “The …

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Mar 14 2014

READ Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 24… OMG!!

England VS India! Looks like the fight between E-Shocka and Daj M. Ahl is coming to an end. Who do you think will win this battle? Daj was able to go that extra level to take down E-Shocka, but will it be enough? Daj is a beast though, look at what he did to E-Shocka …

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Jan 03 2014

Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 19… Catchin’ it!

England VS India! E-Shocka VS Daj M. Ahl continues! E-Shocka is trying to put a hurting’ on Daj M. Ahl, but Daj seems too fast for E-Shocka’s electricity. Now it’s his turn! Will his earth attacks have any effect on the E-Shocka, and will it shut him up? Who do you think will win? Read …

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Oct 12 2013

Mega Ran: Random Lyricism page 17… It has BEGUN!

England VS India!! The battle is underway, and it looks like E-Shocka is going for “First Attack”.  Daj M. Ahl better have something up his sleeve, or this will be a quick battle! This is a nice start to a possibly epic match! Who do you think will win? Read PAGE 17 by CLICKING HERE or by just going …

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Dec 13 2012

Giant Monsters versus Giant Robots…. by Guillermo del Toro???

From acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro comes Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ epic sci-fi action adventure “Pacific Rim.” When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a …

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Oct 23 2012

Fat Princess throws her weight around while Sly Cooper steals the show in AllStars!!

With each clip I see I just want this game more and more. Check out the Fat Princess throwing her weight around. Unlike prissy Princess Toadstool, this rotound royal hits hard for some serious damage. And take a look at the sleek combat that famous Theivous Raccoonous Sly Cooper as he utilizes his stealth tactics …

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Sep 25 2012

Mega Ran: Random Lyricism Page 7!!!

It’s been too long since you had a new page to the Elemental Rap Battle Tournament Experience! Last time we were reading the comic, Mega Ran had built up a huge flame attack that seemed to have have put “The Champ” in his place…. …Or did it? To find out, read PAGE 7 by CLICKING …

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