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Promo trailer and premiere date revealed for Kakegurui XX!!

Watashitachi no kake furīku o te ni iremashou! (Let’s get our gambling freak on!) After much waiting and anticipation, we finally get a promo video for the second season of Kakegurui! The trailer shows the Student Council President, who is enticed by Yumeko Jabami, as she plots to bring the compulsive gambling of Hyakkaou Private …

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Kakegurui XX casts Gintama, Naruto voice actor Akira Ishida!!

Well, there you have it. The final addition to the cast of Kakegurui XX is Akira Ishida who will play the role of Rin Obami. Akira is best for roles as Zeref Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Xellos in Slayers, Athrun Zala in Gundam SEED, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Cavandish in One Piece and Katsura Kotaro …

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Myth&Roid return to perform theme for The Saga of Tanya the Evil movie!!

The Japanese group duo, known for performing the end theme songs for Overlord and Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, will perform the opening theme for the upcoming movie Saga of Tanya the Evil. The group has performed the opening song “Jingo Jungle” which is used in the Saga of Tanya the Evil TV …

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Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia voice actor joins cast of Kakegurui XX!!

Make room for one more. The Kakegurui Twitter account has announced the addition of Yoshimasa Hosoya to the roster of Kakegurui XX, the anime series based on the Japanese manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura, portraying the character Ibara Obanu. Known for playing strong male types, Hosoya has played Fumikage …

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The list keeps growing!! More characters announced for Kakegurui XX!!

Over the weekend, the official Twitter account for the gambling anime Kakegurui revealed more acting roles for the upcoming second season which is set to premiere in January 2019, titled “Kakegurui XX.” First up, we have Rumi Ōkubo as Miri Yōbami. Her known roles include Ako Shirabe / Cure Muse in Suite PreCure, Suguri Kinoshita …

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Encompassing Darkness/Guiding Light!! RWBY Vol. 6 Ep. 6 Review!!

Weiss: “Honestly, it is rude to read without watching the episode first. How uncouth. Let me spell it out for you. Watch first. Then read afterward.” Rooster Teeth is really cranking things up this season. When Ruby and the gang arrived in a small town to find it sort of abandoned save for the townsfolk …

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Seven Deadly Sins, Magical Girl Lyrical voice actress joins Kakegurui XX cast!!

We’re up the fourth actor announced to be joining the cast of Kakegurui XX, the second season of the TV anime adaption of the gambling highschool manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura. Yumi Uchiyama will be voicing the character Miyo Inbami. The Twitter account for the Kakegurui TV anime posted …

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Rurouni Kenshin slices his way into Jump Force!!

The character roster for Bandai Namco’s upcoming massive crossover fighter continues to expand. Himura Kenshin, the protagonist from the beloved manga series “Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, also known as Samurai X, is the latest to join the line up. Joining Kenshin is his deadliest enemy, Shishio Makoto, leader of the Juppungatana. Watch their …

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The Turtle Hermit takes on the Toad Sage in Screw Attack’s DEATH BATTLE!!

Alright, it’s time to see which one of anime’s biggest pervs is the better mentor and fighter! Will Master Roshi get a lickin’ from the great Toad Sage?! Or will it be Jirayia who will be shown one shell of a time?!

Netflix announces live action Cowboy Bebop series!!

So here we go again. Netflix has announced that they will be producing a live action adaption of Cowboy Bebop, the much beloved 1998 anime series that follows a rag tag crew of bounty hunters as they travel through space in search of the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals. The series is animated by Sunrise featuring …

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