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Bird is the Word on Cybertron!!

Man, it’s a big year for the Robots in Disguise. So, yup, those ill-tempered avians are crossing over into the Transformers Universe. Angry Birds Transformers is the tenth installment in the Angry Birds series, featuring a battle between “Autobirds and Deceptihogs”. The puzzle video game is being developed and published by Rovio Entertainment with collaboration …

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Microsoft Xbox Live Sales Here!

Do you own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One? Do you like sales? I’m hoping that both answers are a yes, because I have some awesome news for you; the sale of the week via Xbox Live is absolutely awesome, and worth your money. Let’s start off with the sale for the Xbox One. …

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George Lucas tries to save his bacon…literally! Angry Birds goes Star Wars?!

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a pig empire was on the rise. They have stolen the eggs of the Rebels, causing a panic. It is now up to Beak Skycrasher and his campanions to recover the eggs from the evil Darth Snorter. The Angry Birds have done everything else, why …

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