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The Anarchy Sisters resurrection?!

Gainax West announced plans for a revival of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. A little while ago, Hirokazu Kojima, director and animator for the opening sequence, returned to Panty and Stocking with hug pillows featuring the raunchy angels. He posted on his Twitter page a silhouette of two familiar figures. So, does this mean that …

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Supernatural Season 9 preview!!

Season 9 of Supernatural was also shown at Comic-Com. The trailer highlights the Eight Season’s most intense moments with a snippet of where the Ninth Season will pick up. I just love classic rock, don’t you?

When a Devil cries Angels will fall!! Supernatural S8 Finale!!

*WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!* Crowley meets a woman named Josie at a restaurant. He is familiar with this woman. While she leaves, Crowley conducts a spell to kill her. Dean calls and tells him that they want to make a deal. At a disclosed location, Kevin hands the Winchesters the Demon Tablet. Castiel is with Merv …

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Cure Evil!! Supernatural S8 Ep22 Recap!!

*WARNING: BEWARE THE SPOILERS!!* A couple is at a cabin in the woods when one of them hears a noise. Whatever it is, the sound is so intense that the man’s head explodes. At the storehouse, Sam is still experiencing the effects of completing the first two trials. Castiel apologizes to Dean for all that …

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Hell’s Angels/Heaven’s Demons!! Supernatural S8 Ep21 Recap!!

*WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!* Kevin Tran wakes up on Garth’s boat where he meets Sam and Dean who hand him the other half of the demon tablet. Kevin gets to work on deciphering the other half. However, this is all a rouse set up by Crowley who is learning about the trials. Sam is extremely concerned …

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Heaven’s not so tranquil!! Supernatural S8 Ep 10 Recap!!

*******************WARNING: The following contains spoilers!!********************** It’s not a Supernatural episode without some brotherly tension between Sam and Dean. Last night’s episode was no different. Sam and Dean reunite in the aftermath of the last episode and while Sam seems to forgive Dean for what he did, he tells him that unless he stops hanging out …

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Supernatural S.8 Ep.8 recap!!

*Spoilers Ahead* Remember the days of sitting in front of the television watching your favorite cartoons, laughing and enjoying the animated antics of those zany characters and their shenanigans? Remember when one of them would be hit with a frying pan and their face outline would be stuck it or watch them turn to ash …

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Cass is back!! Supernatural review!!

Tonight’s episode opens with children playing at a playground when a woman takes one of the children to the bathroom. A sudden storm strikes the playground and the both the woman, who turned out to be a demon, and the child are gone. Dean is driving along when he suddenly sees a familiar face. He …

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Dante vs. Bayonetta Chapter 4

The angels quickly converge on the woman in black who leaps out the way to avoid their strikes. After landing, she whips out a fast kick to the head of the angel closest to her. She fires a shot from the gun attached to her heel as she followed through with her kick, striking an …

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DmC: Devil May Cry E3 trailers!!

I remember that day back in October 2001 when I got my hands on what turned out to be one of the best video game series created. I’m a big fan of Devil May Cry and its characters. I’ve played every game; read the books; watched the anime. So imagine my excitement when I first …

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