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Black Tribbles Prime: TOP 10 BEST BLACK FILMS OF ALL-TIME!

The Black Tribbles welcome celebrity lawyer DEB RAINEY and her crew from G-town Radio’s FOR THE PEOPLE to act as judge and jury over what will come to be known as G-town Radio’s OFFICIAL LIST OF THE TOP TEN ABSOLUTELY BEST BLACK FILMS OF ALL-TIME! Make YOUR choice count and tune in to call in …

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2012’s greatest moments for J1 Studios!

We had a very strong year! I can honestly say we had the strongest year ever for J1 Studios. I’m just going to jump around and list a bunch of cool J1 Studios moments. DROP A COMMENT BELOW ABOUT ONE OF THE MOMENTS YOU BEST REMEMBER. 🙂 In no particular order: 1. New website. We …

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Seth Killian finds new home with Sony!

Shortly after his departure from Capcom, Seth Killian finds a new home with Sony. He is now lead game designer at Sony Santa Monica Studios. He will put his fighting game prowess to upcoming titles including God of War: Ascension, Unfinished Swan and, most notably, All-Stars Battle Royale. On a post on Twitter, Seth thanks …

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