Super Bounty J1 graphic novel REBOOT coming soon!!

She’s coming back folks! The internationally beloved bounty hunter will have a slew of new web comics coming this Fall starting in September! You will get the main story of the new graphic novel series done by yours truly, Jason Richardson. There will also be a collection of short stories outside of the main story known as Secret Missions done by Kate K. Milo, creator of Lime Rind: Rogue Samurai, and Melissa Barnhill of Silver fame. You can find pages of Silver and Lime Rind, as well as the first Secret Mission here:

What to expect you ask? Well let’s see, a return of the Three Panditos, Master Tortuga, a new villain which only a select few may know about (Super Bounty J1 #1 book owners), and a super squad that will be doing their best to take down J1, that will have ties to her origin.

So remember this fall expect a new web comic series with additional SECRET MISSIONS!!! For you fans out there here is a taste… It’s the new cover for the series. Once this story starts the old web comic series will be taken down from the site FOREVER!!!!

Except in book form… for now.