Square Enix sets date for next character reveal for “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT!!”

Just because Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, the action-role playing fighting game from Toei Tecmo’s Team Ninja, has been released for consoles, that’s not going to stop Square Enix from adding new characters. During an announcement being held on March 13, the latest character will be revealed on YouTube. What is known at the moment is that the new addition will be a male character from the later titles in the Final Fantasy series, who has never appeared in a Dissidia game before. Guests during the stream announcement will include announcer and narrator Masao Koori, as well as producer Ichiro Hazama, director Takeo Kujiraoka, and Famitsu magazine’s Bunbun Maru.

Until then, I’ll see you “On the Next Level!”