Square Enix runs 7-minute Final Fantasy VII Remake commercial in Japan

We all know commercials have an average runtime of 30 – 90 seconds, or up to three minutes if it’s the Super Bowl. And if you’re one of those people who do not like long commercials than be glad you don’t live in Japan. Square Enix has been streaming a seven minute commercial for the Final Fantasy VII Remake title.

That’s a single seven minute commercial. Not seven minutes worth of commercials.

The mini movie TV spot features actor Masataka Kubota (live-action Tokyo Ghoul film, live-action Death Note television) as an office worker who has never played the original Final Fantasy VII game, while actress Misato Morita (live-action One Week Friends, The Naked Director) plays his girlfriend who watched her big brother play the game when she was little. Finally, Tetsuji Tamayama (live-action Lupin III, NANA) plays a diehard fan of the original game. Kubota’s character initially brushes off his boss and girlfriend’s excited chatter over the game, but gradually becomes more intrigued by it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake pulls a page from Final Fantasy X by allowing players to summon creatures into battle to fight alongside them for a few moments. During this time, the player can issue commands although the summoned creature will fight independently. The game will feature an alternative “Classic Mode” that switches the combat from its default real-time action RPG style to a menu-based combat system similar to the original game and older Final Fantasy titles.

Relive the adventure when Final Fantasy VII Remake launches March 3, 2020 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Oh, if you think the seven minute commercial was enough, Square Enix also has a 13-minute commercial available.