Sony to do God of War movie, director of Pacific Rim to helm project!

The gods may have be speaking. Sony has announced that a God of War movie could be on the horizon. The project will be produced through Playstation Productions, the newly established company created by Sony. Stephen DeKnight will helm the project and he is no stranger when it comes to creating characters and events within various fictional universes while intertwining history. After all, he has worked on Pacific Rim and Spartacus.

In a recent interview, Stephen DeKnight told Comic Book that he had been asked in the past about directing video game related movies, stating that he had always beena fan of God of War. Right now, there is no finalization between Sony and DeKnight, however Deknight has his eyes set on Dave Bautista portraying Kratos.

This serves as an illustration of Sony making the right choices to selecting directors who are not only passionate about the movies they make but are also familiar with the material.

Sources: MovieWeb