Sonic Boom: The Hedgehog’s New TV Show



“Sonic the Hedgehog … is returning to television in his first-ever CG animated series in the fall 2014. The action packed comedy series aimed at children 6-11 will debut first on Cartoon Network in the U.S… The initial order of 52 eleven-minute episodes is co-produced by SEGA of America Inc. and Genao Productions.

Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team and driving creative force behind the Sonic games, is overseeing the series to ensure that it’s true to the Sonic characters and universe.”

The show will feature Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy as they fight against.. drumroll please.. Doctor Eggman and his minions.

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The below video shows all Sonic the Hedgehog TV show intro’s thought history. Personally, I think they only got worse over time, with sonic X, bringing the bar back up a notch, but not by much. What we’re they thinking with Sonic Underground?

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