Sequel to live action Gintama film planned for 2018!

Now here’s something interesting. Director Yuichi Fukuda confirmed that the sequel to the live adaption of Hideki Sorachi’s action comedy manga will be released for the summer holiday season in 2018. The official Twitter account for the first live film posted the announcement along with a few details. Fukuda announced the news at the release memorial event for the first film’s DVD/Blu-ray held at the UDX theater in Tokyo. Shun Oguri, who played main protagonist Gintoki Sakata, was also at the event. However, his involvement in the next film is unknown at this time.

The first Gintama live film saw commercial success when it was released back on July 14, 2017, making 3.84 billion yen ($34 million US dollars) which is impressive. It became the top grossing Japanese film of the summer, beating out other strong competitors. The film will be available on DVD/Blu-Ray November 22, 2017.

Source: “Gintama” live film Offical Twitter Page