Sega teases return to the console market?! Not so fast, sparky!

Those of us raised in the 90s will remember the above slogan that Sega used to stick it to Nintendo during the great Console Wars. Sega gained an upper hand with the release of the Genesis in 1992 which introduced their speedy blue mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. Then, it was a lot of back and forth between Nintendo and Sega before Sega pulled out of the console market in 2001 when the new kid on the block, Sony, took the Number one spot with the PlayStation 2. Recently, Sega president and COO Kenji Matsubara stated in an interview with Yahoo! New Japan that the company was considering a return to the hardware home video game console market by releasing a system in Japan.

But, it is not exactly what you think.

What Matsubara is referring to is the release of the “Sega Genesis Flashback” console, distributed by AtGames, to the Japanese market. The throwback system contains over 80 classic titles from the Sega Megadrive and Genesis systems, which is currently available in the UK and North America. The issue is that the “System on a Chip” approach used by AtGames results in poor quality emulation. Until the matter is resolved, Japanese consumers will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the retro system. Following success Nintendo had with their NES Classic Mini and Super NES mini retro consoles, it’s no surprise the Sega wants a piece of that pie. Sega and Nintendo have long since buried the hatchet after Sega returned to producing third-party software. So, there will be no console war today.

At least, not between Sega and Nintendo.

Sources: Nintendo Life

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