Samurai Shodown DLC characters and King of Fighters XV announcement trailer – EVO 2019

We get a sweet treat for Samurai Shodown with the announcement of new DLC characters coming to join the fray from now to the end of the year. Rimururu is coming in August followed by Shizumaru Hisame (who will be free for all regions) in September, Basara in October, Kazuki Kazama in November, the return of the Mongolian warlord Wan-Fu in December and a special treat for Samurai Shodown fans. Fan favorite Mina Majikina will return as part of the Season Two DLC pack coming in 2020.

Well, if you thought the Guilty Gear trailer was brief, then do not blink during the announcement trailer SNK revealed at EVO 2019 for The King of Fighters XV. Outside of stating that the game is “currently in development”, not much else is shown. Still, this shows that the series will continue forward as we enter the ninth generation of video games.