RWBY Volume 6 will premiere October 27 on Rooster Teeth, not YouTube!!

As a RWBY fan, I am excited for the premiere of volume 6 of the Rooster Teeth series. However, there a some changes being made. The biggest change being that the series will no longer air on YouTube. This decision came from the fact that watching the series on its parent website is the best way to support it, where on YouTube, RWBY gained its following but not its currency. Fret not, Rooster Teeth will offer new episodes free to non-members one week after their initial airing for Rooster Teeth FIRST members. Matt Hullum, one of the founding members of Rooster Teeth, explains in a post on their website about the decision made to keep RWBY exclusive to Rooster Teeth.

Kerry Shawcross, Director on Animation for RWBY, and Gray Haddock, Head of Animation at Rooster Teeth, explain more in a video posted on Rooster Teeth’s YouTube channel.

In related news, RWBY Volume 6 will also premiere in theaters via Fathom Events on October 25 with a recap of Volume 5.

Source: Rooster