* Rumor * Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Additional characters found hidden on disc!!!


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 * TTT2 for short * already has an impression cast list, but there are rumors going around that Bandai Namco has made the same mistake as Capcom with its DLC.


That’s right. There’s a good chance that there may be hidden characters already coded into the disc. There are claims that 6 addition characters where found by players who were fortunate enough to receive early copies of the game. The 6 hidden are.

Slim Bob * Yes! Bob back when he was a chick magnet. *

Miharu * Xiaoyu’s alt from Tekken 4 *

Sebastian * Lili’s Butler *

Dr. Boskonovitch

Violet * Lee’s alter ego from Tekken 4



Please keep in mind that this is only a rumor at the point. Quick side note: We’ll be hosting our very first TTT2 at the J1-Con, taking place on September 30th and it’s only $5 to enter.


Check out the link for more info.