Jun 20 2012

Rumor: Super Bounty J1 the live action movie????

Prototype of the costume.

I know it sounds crazy, but check this out! Danae Richardson from J1 Studios has been listed as the protagonist J1, and hip hop artist and musician, Marc J (who has performed at Mayhem Madness 1) is possibly taking the role of the cyborg dictator, Sin.

What makes the rumor sound more plausible is that Indie Film director extraordinaire, Andre Bennett would be the one heading up this project. From what I heard, they will be gathering stunt coordinators from the Philadelphia area to assist. I’m not sure if the other characters from the comic series will make their appearance, but how funny would it be to see the Three Panditos and C4 in action? What do you think? I think if anything it would be a really cool short film.

The likeness is uncanny!!


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  1. Tiso

    More power and success to you Jason, you’re living the dream and can’t no one stop you. Haters gonna hate. Tired of these people acting like Godzillas when they really gorillas.

    1. Anon J2

      Agreed, excellence of execution as always Mr. Tiso

  2. Juro

    That is sick !!! I really would love to see this go down. Cool prototype costume for Super Bounty btw !!!! ^.^

  3. Dessy1

    A sh***y comic will only just make a sh***ier live action movie. How about the artist actually work on his art style, learn anatomy, make diverse looking characters [each character looks the same, 2 faces for girls, 2 for boys], and just be a real artist and drop the cliche story line? So far the people who like this stuff are simply brown-nosers. Sticking their nose up the a** of a half-bit artist. But its okay, no one will tell anyone the truth nowadays, so i will.

    1. Kate K Milo

      you’re nobody until someone hates you =^.~=

      1. Dessy1

        there is no hate involved, just frustrated criticism

        1. JasonR

          The criticism probably wouldn’t be frustrating if you sent an email with constructive criticism. I am open to advice. Saying it sucks doesn’t help anyone. Shoot me an email at j.richardson@j1studios.com 🙂

        2. Anon J2

          Frustrated criticism? Sounds like someone is getting a Victor Von Doom complex

        3. Tiso

          Man why all the niggativity Dessy?

    2. BrianM

      The fact that you posted here shows only one thing. You took the time and effort to read, or at least look, at our content and had something, no matter how inept, to say about our awesome material and for that…THANK YOU!!

      1. Dessy1

        I just speak truthfully. My friends nd i read it, we are artists ourselves so we know how it is. I read it in hopes to read a nice black/african-american made comic and at the end i was just disappointed. And i have watched and studied how the artist works and has worked for a very long time, i think its just time for him to get a wake up call. Wake up and smell the coffee, thats all.

        1. BrianM

          And I respect that. I’m just saying bea little nicer about without the jerkiness.

        2. Anon J2

          Fair enough on your opinion, but if you and your collective of friends feels this way, and are all experienced artists who can judge on that level…then why not make your own comic and projects to promote the things you want, rather than randomly bring someone else down who is out and doing things? Talent is powerful, sure..but momentum and energy are also very important..and most artists have the talent, and no drive to create the events and finalized idea to make concrete product. Better to spend the energy bringing oneself up, than bringing down someone else.

    3. Anon J2


      1. Marc Carter

        LOL great video man lol

  4. Awhitty

    I’m digging the replica costume. Looks like it’s going to be something quite epic.

  5. Lonnie Mercardo

    I want Immediate Drop date if this is serious. Danae’s playing Super Bounty? she def can pull it off.

  6. Becky Clark

    She looks awesome, so far that casting seems spot on!

  7. IZZYC2

    Live action movie sounds pretty sweet. lol I am very interested in seeing how this turns out! (^_^)

  8. Holly Cain

    EPIC!!!! *fangirl squeal* That is all…..

    Oh and I most definitely been advertising as much as I can. I already launched a mini-campaign when my 2 new roommates got here a few days ago. One of them loved Ray’s Emerald Chasers I had playing. Ah…memories.

  9. P. Jenkins

    Cool! I love Danae’s costume!!

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