Rooster Teeth’s popular series becomes a Japanese manga!! RWBY manga review!!

RWBY has become one of the most popular animated series our there, being nominated several times for “Best Animated Series” at the Streamy Awards. It is a fun and energetic show with a good balance of action and humor. So, I was super excited to learn that a manga about Monty Ohm’s creation has been released.

Ruby Rose shows the Beowulf why hunting red hooded girls is costly.

Illustrated by Shirow Miwa, the RWBY manga expands upon the four main characters’ backstories and give more insight to their debut trailers. When RWBY was first introduced, Rooster Teeth released teaser trailers that told a little about the stories of Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. The manga reveals the mysteries of those trailers such as the rigorous training session Weiss goes through, the raid on the train the Blake was apart of when she was with the White Fang and what really happened to Ruby’s mother. Shirow Miwa brings his impressive art style to the manga, making the characters and fight scenes look incredibly dynamic. If you’re fan of the Doujin band, Supercell, who is known for collaborating with the Vocaloids including Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, then you will recognize his work on the album covers since he is an official member of the band. His other works include the “Devil May Cry” light novel and “Dogs”, his solo manga series set in a dystopic European city.

We get more insight on Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus’s raid on a Schnee Train.

As longtime RWBY fan, I wondered about those trailers and, while some their backgrounds have told in the series, I wanted to know more about what really went down. One example is Blake Belladonna and her relationship with fellow White Fang member Adam Taurus, and the reason behind her decision to leave the White Fang. Another is Yang’s brawl in the bar and how it all began, and a deeper glimpse into her and Ruby’s youth. Five seasons into RWBY and their pasts are still shrouded in shadow. Now they are being brought to light in the manga.

This manga is a must read for RWBY fans as it gives us more detail on Ruby and her friends and their days spent at Beacon Academy. It stays true to Rooster Teeth’s popular series, keeping character interactions and personality traits intact while adding a bit more depth and bringing us deeper into the world of Remnant. Even if you’re not a fan but looking for a good read then pick this up. The RWBY manga was released January 16.

Yang Xiao Long’s bar brawl is more intense on paper.

Weiss Schnee goes through rigerous training sessions to remove herself from under her family’s shadow.

The RWBY manga drew inspiration from the series’ character trailers!