Resident Evil Remake Coming to PS3, 360, PS4 XBOX ONE and PC!!!


Earlier today, Capcom has announced they will be releasing a remastered version of their signature Horror/Survival series Resident Evil and will be available for PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime in early 2015 * Go Capcom!!! 🙂 * The remake will be based off of the Gamecube version and will be released in both North America and Europe. Prices have yet to be revealed.



This version will have a couple of new ” enchancments ” set to make this one stick out from the versions that came before it. This includes better visuals, new character models and improved backgrounds, as well as a new ” scrolling ” camera that will help switch the original game’s 4×3 presentation into a 16×9 angle. This will help the camera stay on your character, whether you’re rocking out with Jill or Chris, making for  more smooth gameplay :).


Capcom also says that the game will retain it’s original controls while offering the option to switch to “modern “controls”, allowing players to use the analog stick to move around and such. In addition, the remake has 5.1 surround sound support for both console and PC alike.


Last but certainly not least, it’s been rumored that  RE7 is currently in the works. As of now, it’s only a rumor but be sure to catch this new and improved version of Resident Evil in early next year. Stay tuned for more updates 🙂