RECAP of Game of Thrones SEASON PREMIERE S4E1 – Two Swords

Recap by guest writer, Christine Bailey.
*****************************          Spoiler alert!!         ****************************

Many moons have passed since the Red Wedding and our psyches are mostly recovered, but now is the time to open up those old wounds and experience another glorious season of ‘Game of Thrones’! The season premiere starts with Tywin having Ned Stark’s Valyrian steel sword melted down and then poured into two blade molds.  Tywin then places what looks to be the body of a direwolf in the fire pit.  After the swords are completed, Tywin hands the first to Jaime Lannister.  Of course, Tywin tells Jaime that he needs to train his left hand after fumbling around with his new weapon…and then breaks it to him that he will not be serving in the King’s Guard.  Jaime, obviously distraught by this news, remains adamant by telling his father “I can and I will…” and that the order is for life.  From which his father responds that he will honorably be relieved of his duties and become Lord of Casterly Rock.


Tyrion Lannister is set to welcome the Prince of Dorne from is journey, who is travelling to King’s Landing for the wedding of King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell, but is then told of news that he is not well and sent his brother in his place.  Tyrion finds the brother, Prince Oberyn Martell, with his lover, Ellaria Sand, at a brothel after the Prince had already stabbed a Lannister through the hand.   Tyrion asks to speak with Prince Oberyn alone about his actual intentions for attending the royal wedding.  The Prince speaks of his sister and her death.  He then ends this dialogue by adding “Tell your father I’m here.  Tell him the Lannister’s aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.”


Daenerys gets a quick lesson about dragons.  She is almost attacked by one of her babies during feeding time after she tries to calm one down.  Jorah tells her then that dragons cannot be tamed, not even by their own mother.  Once Daenerys is ready to set off on her march, she finds that she is missing two of her soldiers.  Both had been gambling since midnight for the chance to ride by her side.  She informs them that neither of them would since they kept her waiting.


Shae and Tyrion try to get Sansa to eat to no avail.  She cannot stop thinking about what happened to her family at the Red Wedding.  Sansa leaves to be alone.  After, Tyrion goes back to his quarters where Shae is waiting for him on the bed.  He tells her that she should not be there and an argument ensues.  After he does not confirm or deny still wanting her, she storms out of the room.  Hidden in the hall, a Lady watches Shae leave the room and promptly heads to Cersei.


Jaime Lannister gets a new hand!  …a forged metal one with gold detail, at least.  Cersei shoots down Jaime’s incestuous advances by telling him that he took too long to come back to her.  Regardless of him being prisoner or how hard he tried to escape.  Probably a move influenced by politics, but thank God, nonetheless.  Cersei and Jaime are then interrupted by a knock at the door.  Cersei is informed by her Lady spy of what she saw between Shae and Tyrion.

Ygritte is called out on letting Jon go.  With her skills, three arrows should have killed him.  Immediately after, the Wildling Scouting Party is surprised by the arrival of the Thenns.  They took it upon themselves to set up their meal at the campfire, which turned out to be a human arm.  The quote of my week came from the end of this scene.  As they showed the arm over the fire, the leader said, “Just one time before you die, you really ought to try Crow.”  …Such a clever cannibal.


Jon Snow admits his jealousy of Robb Stark before he goes in front of the council to admit that he had sex with a wildling woman.  The only reason he kept his head was that he afforded them details of the oncoming attack to the wall.

While Margaery deals with wedding details, Joffrey is away insulting Jaime by telling him that “someone forgot to write down all your great deeds.”

Daenerys is approached by Daario Naharis during the march to talk to her about “a matter of strategy.”  He hands her flowers and explains to her that it would be in her best interest to understand the land and the ways of the people to earn respect.  This was an obvious flirtation, which seemed to work.  Her troops stop and she heads to the front line.  She finds that there is a corpse of a slave posted for every mile as a marker; 163 in all.  She wanted to see every face as she passed and then have them buried without their collars.


Sansa is followed by the King’s Fool after her quiet meditation and offered a necklace.  He tells her that he could never repay her for saving his life and that the necklace, which belonged to his mother, is the only thing of value he has left.  She accepted the necklace with a smile.

After Arya complains of Hound’s stench and that she wants her own horse, they come across an inn.  Apprehensively, they make their way inside the inn where they find a seat at a table.  They are approached by one of the King’s Guards, the one who killed Arya’s friend.  Soon enough, a fight breaks out, men are killed, and Arya gets ‘Needle’ back.  Arya walks over to the man who killed her friend as he lay on the floor and says exactly what the man said to her friend before he killed him.  She waited a moment for him to understand and then drove Needle through.  The episode ends with Hound and Arya riding away on separate horses; Hound eating chicken and a smile on Arya’s face.


There may not have been any major events is this episode, aside from Arya exacting revenge and getting ‘Needle’ back, but it is definitely setting up this season for something epic!