Ready for a devilishly good time with Lucifer again?!


The Devil is back! Lucifer has taken us over with an entertaining and amazing first season. Tom Ellis is incredibly charming as the Fallen Angel. He’s back for more (un)holy hijinks. At the end of season one, a soul has escaped from Hell that has the normally unflappable Lucifer highly concerned. That soul is his and Amenadiel’s mother. Now who could their be per say? Well, that depends on which folklore will be followed. Aurora, the Goddess of the Dawn, is considered to be the mother of Lucifer, the Light Bringer, according to the Roman mythos. In the Greek mythos, she is called Eos. But we know better. Since Lucifer has no mother in the Bible or the Vertigo comics, one will be created for him. Enter Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer who play Charlotte, the Mother of the Angels. She is to be written as having a different view of humanity than her son. But the burnging question is why was she cast into Hell? And what about her has Lucifer so frazzled? Looks like we’ll have too wait for Lucifer’s second coming on September 19!


Sometimes its okay to worship the Devil!