Pick the New Pac-Man

Awarded by Guinness World Records the title, “The Most Successful Coin Operated Game”, Pac-man will forever stand out as an icon of video games throughout time. It was the first game to ever have a cutscene! (Below)

Recently, however, the 3D pac man games have not been selling as successfully, as they have not exactly held the standard of quality that the first Pac man game got its name from.

Now however, Namco-Bandai wants to give Pac-Man a brand new look and they are turning to fans to help them decide which look to choose. The problem is, there’s only four being considered and none of them look particularly great, or different from what we’ve seen in the past.

Personally I would choose D, then C. But D is the only one I see as new and interesting, plus it keeps the classic eyes. The rest of the ghosts look too cute to be a threat to our hero. And choice A looks just like what we see in the 3DS game above, ghosts and all. If they let people submit their own designs, that would probably spark a wide variety of cool ideas. But in the meantime,

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