Philadelphia Fusion call foul for official team jerseys!!

Philadelphia Fusion, the Overwatch League team based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had their team jerseys shoot down due to the unintentional symbolism of the shirt’s logo. The team’s official jerseys are emblazoned with the letters “FU”, which stands for Fusion University, one of their sponsors. League managers saw the shirt as inappropriate due to the “FU” lettering boarding close to an obscenity. Philadelphia Fusion competed this weekend in Overwatch League wearing black shirts.

Joe Marsh, the unit’s chief financial officer, was perplexed about the ruling on the team’s jerseys, pointing out the Overwatch League saw no problem with jersey numeral “69” or the “BAMF” belt buckle that McCree wears in the game, both of which can be seen as offensive to those with creative minds. Nevertheless, Philadelphia Fusion went on the face and defeated OpTic Academy on Saturday and rolled out a 4-1 victory over Toronto. They are now top contenders for the finals.

Formed in 2017, the Philadelphia Fusion are a professional Overwatch eSports team that competes in the inaugural season of Overwatch League (OWL), the professional eSports league for the video game Overwatch, developed and fully controlled by Blizzard Entertainment. Philadelphia Fusion are one of twelve founding teams of OWL and it is run by Tucker Roberts, son of Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

The Overwatch League aims to follow the model of traditional North American professional sports, using a set of permanent teams and regular season play, rather than the use of promotion and relegation used commonly in other eSports leagues. OWL began its professional season in January 2018 and will run to June. Post-season playoffs and an All-Star weekend will follow in July. A total prize pack of $3.5 million is available to teams in the first season. There are twelve teams in the league – 9 US, 1 London, 1 Korea, 1 China.

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