Pharrell Williams brings anime into fashion with new clothing line!!

Ever wanted to wear the clothing you see from your favorite anime series without the need to cosplay? That dream is becoming a reality. Music artist and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams is pushing his Chanel capsule collection big time. The new clothing line mixes fashion with anime-style. He put together a video that gives a behind the scenes look at what inspired him to create the clothing line. His biggest inspiration is the 1988 classic anime Akira.

The Chanel-Pharrell capsule collection launches exclusively in Seoul on March 28, with select Chanel locations around the world to follow on April 4. You can see more about the production of the promo, including another nod to Akira, in the making of video below.

Sidenote: The Chanel-Pharrell capsule collection name could be a play on Dragon Ball’s Capsule Corporation. Just a thought.

Source: Vogue