Lara vs Drake-Who’s the better adventurer?

Funny how I’m writing a fan fic pitting two big name characters against each other that I get to see this. It seems Nathan has stumbled upon something but Lara wanted it first and is not taking getting beaten to the punch very well. I really like how this was done. The choreography is amazing …

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New version of Traktor. More colors. More tracks? It’s been a little less than two years since Native instruments released their 4 Channel DJ Mixer, the Traktor S4, and just today NI has released a video of the newest model. What seems to be any different about this model from the last? Colored lights. If you’ve been following NI’s newest product line, …

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Cosplay Spotlight: Caribean Sera

Read about Caribean Sera, the new entry to our COSPLAY SPOTLIGHT!!!!! Why do you cosplay? I like to think of myself as a “Creativity Specialist” It’s the only working title that I could think of that covers everything I do, As for why I cosplay, It allows me to become a new person entirely for a …

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Check out The Broken Infinite!!

The Broken Infinite crew provide reviews and news to those who are fans of Super Sentai and comic books. they even have their own novels to read as well as podcasts, right on the site! These folks know there stuff! So check them out here:

Deadman Wonderland coming to DVD!!

After its run on the revived Toonami block, Deadman Wonderland is set for a DVD release of the complete series just in time for Halloween. I mistakingly passed up the series when it was on Toonami. Now I’m regretting it. This series is right up my alley in terms of horror and action! I will …

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On the set of Thor 2!!

From the pictures, it seems that the second Thor film might be taking place back in the good ol’ days before all the stuff with the first movie and Avengers. The set almost has a Game of Thrones feel to it. Courtesy of Machinima.

Legend of Zelda, an animated remix

  CLICK HERE TO WATCH Just released today on, this trippy pixelated music video will definitely have you feeling some nostalgia toward your past adventuring days with Link. Music produced by SUROCK. 

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review!!!!

      I remember when I was 10 years old, walking into the arcade and seeing Tekken Tag Tournament for the first time. After watching a few strangers play and mangle each other, I decided to give it go and possibly waste a dollar * back when games only cost a quarter to play …

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J1-Con (J1 Studios mini convention) Sept 30th!!!

Title: J1-Con (J1 Studios mini convention) Location: Headhouse Sushi Restaurant 122 Lombard Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147 Link out: Click here Description: ANIME – COSPLAY – VIDEO GAMES – CARD GAMES – FUN $5 AT THE DOOR (free for children under 10). LIVE PERFORMANCES: Law27 Alexa Gold Tray Digga Starving the Tsunami DANCE PARTY: Hosted by …

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Super Smash Bros. animation!

Ferguson Winston is a professional animator who obviously loves some of that Smash Bros. video game fighting action! Check out his website: This is his version of what a Super Smash Bros. action animation should be like. If there was a SSB show or movie, I think I would want it to be like …

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