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The battle between Lime Rind and Black Sheep Ninja has raged on through the tree tops.  Lime Rind finally collected herself to try once more and negotiate with her adversary, to gleam what might have brought Black Sheep Ninja to the forest.  Rather than reveal any information about herself or the deeds of the Space Sheep, the ninja merely hinted at a crumb of knowledge about Lime Rind’s long catnapped sister, LULUBELL.  Now it seems Black Sheep Ninja is trying to drive our hero into making impulsive and sloppy decisions, all the more nerve-wracking as the fight between them thunders on in a slippery, misty tree canopy.  See how Lime Rind plays out her next move in the harrowing game of tree-top chess in this newest page of Lime Rind the Rogue Samurai!

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