Overwatch Tournament in Philly’s Chinatown!!!


Join SirTurtleGaming and G.Team in Philly August 13th for a live Overwatch Tournament. Up to 8 teams will battle it out and be crowned Phillywatch Champions!

Rules subject to change: Any suggestions for rule changes can be addressed to sirturtlegaming@gamil.com.

FOR FULL RULES GO TO www.sirturtlegaming.com/ow-tournament-rules 

Here are the basics
Location: G.Team Philly. 1010 Cherry ST, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Date: 8/13/2016
Time: 1:00PM
Team cap: 8 Teams
Cost: $120/Team
$60 Venue, $60 Tournament ($20/person)
Team Players: 6 players
Subs: up to 2 subs per team ($20 ea)


*Team Captain: One player from each team must be a Team Captain

Registration: https://fs22.formsite.com/SirTurtleGaming/form20/index.html

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE FOR OTHER INFO [RSVP]: https://www.facebook.com/events/1709134569352180/

The basics:MAPS
All maps are active

[Rule Set] Competitive
[Map Rotation] – After Mirror Match
[Map Order] – Single
[Return to lobby] – After Mirror Match
[Hero Selection limit] – 1
[Role Selection Limit] – NONE
[Allow Hero Switching] – ON
[Respawn as Random Hero] – OFF
[High Bandwidth] – ON
[Control Game Format] – Best of 5
[Modifiers] – 100%
[Disable Kill Cam] – ON
[Disable Kill feed] – ON

[Series] – Bo3 game. SF & F Bo5
[Scoring System] – Point System
[Game Mode Point System]
– Control: Ties = NO. First to capture 3 of 5 control points on a single Control Map is the winner
– Assault: Ties = YES. Gain 1 point for each section of an assault point. Total of 6 per game
– Escort: Ties = YES. Gain 1 point for each checkpoint reached
– Hybrid: Ties = YES. Gain 1 point for each section of the assault point and 1 point for each checkpoint
– Control: Single map, 5 control points
– Assault, Escort, & Hybrid: Attack & Defend
[Tiebreakers] – In case of a tie, a single control point on a Control Map will be played to determine the winner. The team with the fastest/furthest attacking time will choose the Control Map.
[Delays] – If a Team delays more than 10 minutes of their scheduled start time, they will forfeit the match.

*Team Captain – Each team must consist of one Team Captain (TC). The TC has a responsibility to facilitate Tournament information to their team, availability, and check-in their team. The TC is the primary point of contact between the Tournament Officials (TO) and their team. They must also be available to communicate at any time during the tournament.