Overlord light novel delayed until 2019!!

While anime fans will be getting a third season of Overlord, fans of the light novel will have to pack their patience. The thirteenth volume of Kugane Maruyama’s fantasy series will be the last for 2018. Ironically, this is the same volume that announced the third season of the anime. Volume 13 closes the story’s “Paladin of the Holy Kingdom” arc and boasts the largest page count of any book in the series. No date has been set for the fourteenth volume other than “sometime in 2019.”

The English adaptions of the Overlord light novels will continue to be release as scheduled with Volume 7: “The Invaders of the Great Tomb” set for release on May 22, 2018. Volume 8: “The Two Leaders” will follow on September 18.

Source: Goboiano