NEW visuals revealed for Prince of Tennis OVA!!

Get your rackets and hit the court for a brand new Prince of Tennis series! The official website for the popular sports anime franchise has released visuals for the upcoming series with the second and third episode visuals recently posted on the site. Titled “Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES”, the OVA highlights highly popular matches selected from Takeshi Konomi’s manga series that will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. The first visual shows the match between Kunimitsu (Seishun Academy) and Keigo Atobe (Hyoutei Academy).

The second visual shows two doubles matches featuring Sadaharu Inui & Kaoru Kaido (Seishun Academy) vs. Ryo Shishido & Chotaro Ohtori (Hyoutei Academy) and Shuichiro Oishi & Eiji Kikumaru (Seishun Academy) vs. Masaharu Nio & Hiroshi Yagyu (Rikkaidai Junior High School).

Round three is a match between Shusuke Fuji (Seishun Academy) and Akaya Kirihara
(Rikkaidai) in the final of the Kanto Regional Tournament.

The first episode of Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES will be screening on August 24 in Japan for a limited two-week engagement, followed by a DVD/Blu-Ray release on October 26, 2018. The 45-minute episode will be shown in 30 select theaters.

Source: The Prince of Tennis BEST GAMES website/Twitter