New visuals for 2nd Eureka Seven movie reveals Mecha designs!!

The official website for the Eureka Seven: Hi movie trilogy reveals visuals of the mecha that will appear in the second film, Anemone Eureka Seven: Hi – Evolution. These mecha have appeared before in previous episodes of the original 2005 series. The new movie trilogy recounts events from that series with re-recorded dialogue, new scenes and redone footage, but it will have an original ending. The mecha include the Nirvash type the END piloted by Anemone in the original series, and the Nirvash type ZERO and Nirvash type ZERO spec2 piloted by Eureka and Renton.

Nirvash type THE END

Nirvash type ZERO

Nirvash type ZERO Spec2

Renton SH-101

Anemone Eureka Seven: Hi – Evolution will be set in Tokyo, Japan, a first for the series. The film hits theaters in Japan on November 10. Funimation will premiere the movie in North America and Canada in 2019. The final film is set for release also in 2019.

The first film in the series opened September 2017 in Japan following the world premiere at Otakon in August. In its first two days, it earned about 63 million yen (about US$561,137). Funimation screened the film in theaters in the United States on February 5 and 7, with screenings in Japanese with English subtitles, and with an English dub.

Seven years passed. Anemone was in Tokyo – the battlefield where my father was scattered.
Humanity’s hope was entrusted to anemone as a member of the organization · acid to fight the human enemy, the seventh Eureka = Eureka Seven.
And Anemone sends its spirit into Eureka Seven.
Anemone encountered in Eureka Seven was a young man named Dominic and a girl who had blue-green hair called Eureka.
What does this encounter mean? And the appearance of a boy named Renton to see and do.
The mysterious man, Dewey who was captured by Acid predicts.
“Eureka Seven you are watching is not Eureka Seven, a false god created and destroyed countless unnecessary worlds, so to speak, a mountain of garbage”
When Anemone and Eureka met, all the truth becomes clear, the door of a new world opens.

Source: Anemone Eureka Seven Hi – Evolution official website (Translated to English via Google Translator)