NEW trailer for second Trinity Seven movie revealed!!

The official website for the TV anime Trinity Seven just revealed a new trailer for the upcoming sequel movie, “Trinity Seven: Heaven’s Library and Crimson Lord.” Along with the trailer reveal comes the announcement of a road show to promote the film.

A man with a face similar to Arata Kasuga appears with red lightning.
His name is “The Abyss Trinity”.
He is the devil to destroy the demon king. Because of the powerful ability to eradicate the city in an instant,
Astral Trinity was sealed in the “sky library” for a long time.
In response to Arata’s Devil’s Factor, he was unlocked and now plans to return the world to nothing.
The key to that is his daughter, Lilith Asami. Arata tries to save Lilith and search for Devil’s weapons to defeat the strongest devil. Will Arata succeed or will the world disappear?

Trinity Seven: Heaven’s Library and Crimson Lord releases March 29, 2019.

Source: Trinity Seven movie website