NEW Sadako film trailer previews theme song by Ziyoou-vachi!!

Kadokawa began streaming the trailer for the upcoming Sadako film, the latest installment in the “Ring” franchise. The trailer features the song “Seisen” (Crusade) by Japanese rock band Ziyoou-vachi (Queen Bee). The film will show the origins of the film’s iconic Sadako Yamamura. Elaiza Ikeda will play the protagonist, a psychiatrist named Mayu Akikawa. Other cast members include (Clockwise from upper left):

Takashi Tsukamoto as Yūsuke Ishida, a man who gets involved in the incident alongside Mayu
Hiroya Shimizu as Kazuma, a YouTuber and Mayu’s younger brother who is cursed by Sadako
Rie Tomosaka as Hatsuko Sofue, the mother of an amnesiac girl
Renn Kiriyama as Minoru Fujii, Mayu’s colleage and fellow psychiatrist
HIMEKA Himejima as a patient of Mayu who has lost her memory, and is currently hospitalized

Sadako hits theaters May 24 in Japan

Elaiza Ikeda also appears in the live action drama series Kakegurui as Hyakkaou Academy Student Council president Kirari Momobami. The film adaption of the series is set to premiere May 3, 2019.

Ziyoou-vachi has also performed theme songs for Spooky Romantics, Tokyo Ghoul:re and Dororo.