New RWBY manga is ready for launch on Shonen Jump mobile app!!

The popular Rooster Teeth series created by the late Monty Oum is expanding its audience thanks to Shuiesha’s Weekly Shonen Jump making it available for free on the Shonen Jump+ mobile app starting December 20. The new “RWBY Official Manga” manga is written and illustrated by Bunta Kinami. Viz Media has already published the first chapter on their website on November 20 and in its weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. The company is changing format and the magazine will no longer be available as of Monday, opting to release the chapters for free in Japan both on the Viz Media website and Shonen Jump+ mobile app. Viz Media will simultaneously publish the chapters in English.

This marks the third time that RWBY has been adapted into a manga series, illustrating just how much the series is growing in popularity. DOGS artist Shirow Miwa illustrated a RWBY manga adaption that revealed the mysteries of the four trailers that was printed in Shuiesha’s Ultra Jump from November 2015 to February 2017. Viz Media publishes the English manga. Earlier this year, Viz Media began publishing the RWBY Official Manga Anthology series featuring short stories written by various manga and anime artists with each volume centering on each member of Team RWBY. The first three volumes featuring Ruby Rose (Red Like Roses, Vol 1), Weiss Schnee (Mirror Mirror, Vol 2) and Blake Belladonna (From Shadows, Vol 3) are currently available. The final volume of the anthology starring Yang Xiao Long (Burn, Vol 4) will be released February 19, 2019. Each volume also features comments from the voice actors of the animated series.