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Miscellaneous Music

Here are a few extra tracks for your enjoyment. This consists of singles from remix albums and any other tracks that the Sound Team uploads. Listen, enjoy, and comment on your favorite tracks.

Feng Fatale (Juri Han Theme Remix)
Single from the upcoming Street Fighter album
created by Shinigami (Ray Riley) and Edge (Artistik Beatz)

Floating In Ambiance (Aquatic Ambiance Remix)
Single from “Journey Through The Jungle – Donkey Kong Country Remix EP”
Remixed by Shinigami (Ray Riley) & Artistik Beatz

And Then There Was Deadpool…
Single from “Ultimate Marvels – Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Remix Album”
Remixed by Shinigami (Ray Riley)

Endless (Sideways 8 Remix)
Remix from “Endless F/ Storyville” By Random (MegaRan)

More tracks to come!

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