More details revealed on PlayStation 5, end draws near for PS4!!

Sony has unveiled more specs regarding their next gen system. Mark Cerny, PlayStation 4 lead system architect and game designer, spoke with Wired magazine about the next gen console that will be the successor to the PS4. The new unnamed system will feature an AMD chip with a custom unit for 3D audio, graphics processing unit and support ray tracing. The next gen console will also have a solid-state drive to drastically decrease loading times. Sony is also bringing back a feature long missing since the PS3. The console will be backwards compatible with the PS4 since it is partly based on the current-gen system’s architecture. As with the transition between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, many games will be released for both systems.

The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013 in the U.S. and Canada and February 2014 in Japan as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles. Sony shipped 7.5 million units in the system’s fledgling year, 14.8 million in 2014, 17.7 million in 2015, 20 million in 2016 and 19 million in 2017. In October, Sony revealed that the PS4 has sold over 86.1 million units as of September 2018. 91.5 million PS4 units have been sold worldwide as of December 31, 2018.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will not attend E3 2019 in June. SIE chairman Shawn Layden explained that the date is too late in the year for a trade show where the company has Christmas holiday discussion with retailers. SIE president and CEO Tsuyoshi Kodera revealed in May 2018 that the PlayStation 4 console was entering the final phase of its life cycle.

Sources: Wired magazine, Fortune