Monty Oum, Creator of RWBY, Passes Away

It’s with a heavy heart I bring the news that an amazing animator passes from our midst today. Monty Oum (33) passed away on the 1st of February due to unforeseen complications in a simple surgery, that caused him to have an allergic reaction and go into a coma-like state on the 23rd of January. He was best known for an animated series he created with RoosterTeeth, called RWBY, as well as some of his own work, including Dead Fantasy (an animated series of Dead or Alive characters fighting Final Fantasy characters, where he became known for his battle scenes), and working on Red Vs. Blue. Monty was, and is, an amazing animator, and all of us here at J1 will miss his work greatly.

Because of this tragedy, RoosterTeeth announced they would not be releasing any videos today, which goes against their usual schedule of live podcasts on Monday for sponsors. They posted one video (which will be featured below and, warning, Meg Turney will make you cry), explaining this, as well as a tweet stating as much.



Matt Hullum, the CEO of RoosterTeeth, made an official announcement/journal post discussing the details of what occurred, as well as how to move forwards. It’s here the news was officially announced, as well. If you click on the image, it will take you directly to the site so you can see it personally.


As I said before, all of us here at J1 will miss his brilliance. I was lucky enough to have met him during RTX 2014, and had a very brief discussion with him. He had such an amazing mind, and was a thrill to have spoken to. We all wish the RT family the best, as well as the community, and anyone else affected by this news. He will be missed by so many, and loved by even more. Stay strong in this dark time.

If you have thoughts, well-wishes, or any fond memories of Monty, comment below. Share them with us. We all could use a little good in the darkness of today.