Mega Ran Language Arts Volume 3

Part 3 is here! The Language Arts Collection has been steadily under progress for months now. In May we saw the premier of the series with Language Arts Volume 1. Volume 2 followed only 3 months later in August. Now, another 3 months later, Mega Ran brings us Volume 3! Wow. Thats doing work.

Album Art by Jason Richardson.

15 Tracks including the bonus tracks you get when you pre-order the album.

Featuring artists mc chris, Storyville, Wax, Kyle Hebert, Writers Guild, Tina Estes, Just Sayin, and DN3.

Great Package offers too! Show some extra budgetary love and receive a signed poster or T-Shirt with your album!

Preview the album and check out the pre-order options with this link:

And check out MegaRans recent interview on BBC Radio 1 Here (While its still up)