Meet the new She-Ra! Dreamworks releases teaser trailer for the new series!

Here it is. Dreamworks gives us a look at the new trailer for the upcoming Netflix series “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Earlier in the year, we were given a look at She-Ra’s new design. Her outfit has been updated to give it a more modern look yet it does pay homage to Filmation’s original design. Adora/She-Ra is younger in the news series which means that this will likely tackle the issues of her coming into her own as a leader and hero while discovering the purpose of her powers along the way. Just the original series did in the eighties, the new She-Ra is aimed at young girls to give them a hero to look up to, which works better in this day and age given the success of female led movies and shows.

In 2017, Wonder Woman led the charge in her stand alone movie which is the second highest grossing DC Comics film to date. DC Comics animated webseries “DC Super Hero Girls” features a cast consisted largely of their female characters as teenagers learning to become heroes. She-Ra will likely follow this aesthetic.

The new She-Ra is aimed at young women by giving them yet another hero to look up to while promoting a positive body image. Glimmer (on left) is now depicted as a teen girl with a fuller figure, prompting plus size positivity.

She-Ra’s new look was met with controversy when it was revealed in 2016. Fans of the original series – mostly men – criticized the new look for not being “sexy and glamorous” like the original. On the other side of the ball, other fans praised the new look for avoiding sexualizing a female character and creating body positive image. For instance, the character Glimmer has a fuller figure than her original incarnation, prompting plus size positivity. Co-creator of the original series J. Michael Straczynski commented that his She-Ra was written as “a warrior, first and foremost” and that “anyone who is looking back at [her] as the ‘ideal woman’ is doing so through the lens of prepubescent.” And this is true. She-Ra’s image was most likely inspired by the Valkyries of Norse Mythology who were indeed warriors. The new She-Ra looks to put a more positive spin when it comes to how female heroes are depicted.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power premieres on Netflix on November 16, 2018