Lady Sif returns and Skye shakes things up…Literally!! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2 Ep.12 Recap!!



Lady Sif comes down from Asgard, her memory wiped by a mysterious enemy. Coulson and his team arrive to help her and find that she does not remember their previous friendship. They eventually discover that Sif was last seen battling an incredibly strong man in Portugal. The team manages to capture him and after watching him restore Sif’s memories with his truncheon they learn that he is a Kree named Vin-Tak who has come to destroy those affected by the Diviner. In the ensuing argument, Skye’s powers are revealed to the team. Sif and Vin-Tak both attempt to capture her but Vin-Tak has his memories wiped by Bobbi and Sif is convinced to stand down by Coulson, though she later warns him that Skye may be a greater danger than they realize. In the aftermath, Sif takes Vin-Tak back to the Kree homeworld and Skye moves into the Bus’s padded cell to avoid hurting the others. Meanwhile, Bobbi tries to break things off with Hunter after Mack warns her that he is getting too close. Hunter angrily confronts Mack about this and his suspicions that Mack and Bobbi are hiding something, but Mack knocks him out.


Thing are building up nicely. Lady Sif make a return on a mission to stop a Kree that has come to Earth. Our first glimpse at these Blue Angels was a dead one last season. Now we get to see in action. He came in peace to put an end to sleeper cell Kree soldiers on our world and he’s after poor Skye/Daisy Johnson (I can do that now). Skye’s seismic powers are linked to her emotions so basically this makes her a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. With this situation, she could expect help from her teammates but half of them are quick to turn the other cheek. Mack and Bobbi see her as a potential threat and Simmons can’t put her scientific curiosity of hold for her friend. But Skye does find a friend in Fitz. Fitz goes through the trouble of switching blood samples to keep Skye’s secret safe. He likely feels a kinship with her since he knows what it is like to feel ousted by other members. Fitz hasn’t been treated the same ever since he barely survived his and Simmons’ ordeal involving Grant Ward. He doesn’t want Skye to be treated the same way. When Bobbi, Mack, Hunter and Simmons are ready to burn Skye at the stake, Fitz grows a pair and puts them all in their place, finally get his feelings out in a full coherent statement. Needless to say, I applaud him for this. In the end, Coulson decides to handle Skye his own way but he and May will be vigilant. They don’t want to make Skye angry. You won’t like her when she’s angry.

Also, Bobbi and Mack seem to have a hidden agenda that has them questioning the team. Could they be Hydra?