John Wick 2 actress cast to portray “Batwoman” in the Arrowverse!!

The signal has been raised and the call has been answered. CWTV tweeted that they are welcoming John Wick 2 actress Ruby Rose to the Arrow universe as Batwoman. The character will be introduced in the annual crossover episode of Arrow in December 2018. However, the other DC shows will not crossover into Arrowverse with the exception of “Legends of Tomorrow”. This move will used to give Ruby Rose a chance to establish the Batwoman character as well as set up for an stand alone series, much like how a Season Two episode of Arrow was used as a backdoor pilot for Flash. The official Twitter page for Arrow posted a photo of Ruby Rose alongside Batwoman, which would be retweeted by the Flash Twitter account. The post has yet to appear on Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl. So, what do think about Ruby Rose and the introduction of Batwoman?

Arrow Season 7 premieres October 15 on the CW.