Johannes Roberts promises Resident Evil reboot will be scary!!

Just as Capcom has done with the second game in the franchise, Johannes Robert, director of 47 Meters Down and it sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night, intends to do the same with the Resident Evil movie reboot that he has in the works. He promises that the film will be scary and, more importantly, will be getting back to the roots of the game. Over the course of fifteen years and seven films, the Resident Evil film franchise has become an adrenaline fueled action romp with subpar plots that starred Milla Jovovich as a film original character. True, the franchise has kept audiences coming back, but the films lacked the core source material that truly made Resident Evil the horror survival game series it has become. Roberts is looking to correct this oversight. He statement of “getting back to the video game roots” suggests that his film will not be an action film full of explosions, instead it will focus on the horror aspect that terrified gamers when the game debuted on the original PlayStation in 1996. Video game adapted movies have struggled at the box office but Resident Evil has beaten this trend, becoming a successful film series. So a proper reboot for fans of Capcom’s horror game series will only fan the flames. Furthermore, it is also long overdue.

Sources: ScreenRant