J1-Con will host the TooManyGames Cosplay Contest!


J1 Studios is looking for cosplayers to star in their next J1-Con Cartoon Network commercial. Here’s how they’ve been doing it: J1 Studios/J1-Con hosts multiple cosplay contests at varying conventions and give the winners FREE 3-DAY PASSES to J1-Con 2018 where they have the chance to compete for a main spot in the commercial that airs on Cartoon Network in 2019!

At TooManyGames you will take part in what we like to call the J1-Con Cosplay Tour. They will be looking for personality and quality in your cosplay costume, store bought or handmade.

Signup will be on Saturday from 12pm – 3pm. Contest begins at 4pm.

So what’s this I hear about Cartoon Network? 

Every year J1-Con shoots a commercial where we feature the awesome cosplay winners from the previous COSPLAY CONTEST.  There will be a commercial airing on Cartoon Network.

Sounds like a GREAT prize, right? 

Here is the commercial for J1-Con: Anime Convention 2017

Here is the commercial for J1-Con: Anime Convention 2016

Here is the commercial for J1-Con: Anime Convention 2015

Here is the commercial for J1-Con: Anime Convention 2014

Your cosplay can be store bought or 100% handmade. As long as you have the “spirit” of the character then that gets counted as a plus. Just make sure NOT to do a whole LONG monologue. KEEP IT SHORT! Remember there may be 10 or there may be 100 in the contest. It’s only going to be 90 minutes long, so be considerate and think about the fact that you wouldn’t want someone taking up too much of the time  (unless it’s asked by the crowd).

In other words NO SKITS. You will get up on stage, they will ask you questions then present who you are. That’s where you show your character spirit! The judges may ask you questions, then they will move on to the next one.


This time around we won’t be able to add musical numbers to each presenter. If this year’s contest goes smoothly then expanding it to have your own custom music will be doable.