It’s time to DUEL!! Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic to be released!!

Get ready to duel!! The classic Yu-Gi-Oh! series that started it all is coming to DVD. Relive all the duels and duelists in the season 1 box set. This has been a dream long time coming. After numerous setbacks, the classic series is finally coming home. If you’re a fan of the original series than you got to pick this up. The complete First Season Box set comes with six discs running over 1,000 minutes and will retail for $28.96–significantly less than Funimation’s release which retails for $299-$899 on Amazon. This release, however, does not feature the original Japanese dialog or music. The cover art features the powerful Blue Eyes White Dragon. But if you’re not a fan of Blue Eyes than you can get the First Season in two separate DVD volumes. The first volume features Yami Yugi alongside Seto Kaiba while the volume two features Yami Yugi and Maximillion J. Pegasus. These will sell for $19.99 each. The complete First Season of classic Yu-Gi-Oh! is available for preorder on Amazon before it drops September 10.

For more good news, the Second Season Box Set can be preordered as well or you can pick it up when it drops November 5.