It’s back in time with Ben 10!

Yup, after three series and two movies, it’s back to basics with Ben Tennyson! I really like this series! It’s fun and entertaining! I watch it with my daughter all the time. So when I heard about the new Ben 10 series, I was excited! The new series Ben 10: Omniverse follows the adventure of Ben Tennyson, bearer of the Omnitrix, as he and his grandpa Max investigate an alien city. There, Ben encounters enemies from his past and a bounty hunter named Khyber. Ben soon travels back in time to help his eleven-year-old self. With 10 new aliens, he will be ready for anything.

A video game based on the new series is in development for PS3, 360, Wii, and Wii U by Vicious Cycle Studios and for the Nintendo DS and 3DS by 1st Playable Productions. In this action-brawler, players get to choose from 18 characters on the DS games and 16 for other systems. Ben is on a mission to stop a fierce villian named Malware who wants to destroy the world.

Ben 10: Omniverse arrives on Cartoon Network and game systems this Fall 2012!

5 thoughts on “It’s back in time with Ben 10!

  1. Even kids know that the new art style is retarded. The original series have better art style, many kids also enjoyed the Alien Force and Ultimate Alien art style. So if the fans liked the previous art style, why change it to a degraded one? Seriously, a lot of us are DISAPPOINTED with the poor art style in the new series.

    1. Not all. I wonderd about that and actually asked a few kids in my son’s first grade class and most said they like how Ben looks and other kids were unsure but the universal agreement was they’ll wait and see what it’s like. I’m not saying the art style is great but I understand the reasoning behind the change.

  2. The art is genred toward a young audience just like the first series of Ben 10 was geared for the kiddies. But as long as the storyline holds, it should be quite enjoyable.

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