In my Darkest Hour! RWBY Volume 6 Ep. 8 Review!!

Maria Calavera: “If I have to explain it than what’s the point. But anyway, you should not read this unless you watched the episode.”

The true test of everyone’s amenity happens in this week’s episode of RWBY Volume 6. Team RWBY approach the military base to find a way to get to Atlas and find the next relic. They are quickly shut down due to Atlas being mistakenly held responsible for the fall of Beacon Academy. While the reunion between Team RWBY and the remaining members of Team JNPR is more than welcome, the happy tidings turn sour when Jaune, Ren and Nora are told the truth about Ozpin and Salem. Jaune takes the news to heart, as expected since he is depicted in the opening credits pinning Oscar up against a wall. Like everyone else, he trusted Ozpin and sought to him for guidance. Ozpin believed in Jaune and believed that he could be a good leader for Team JNPR where Jaune did not. It was because Ozpin had faith in him that Jaune was able to turn his awkwardness around and become a stronger leader, a better person and have confidence in himself. Ozpin’s belief in him made Jaune who he is today. But Jaune’s belief in Ozpin has been destroyed. His anger likely also stems from that Ozpin was the one who requested that Pyrrha Nikos become the new Fall Maiden which led to her unfortunate death at the hands of Cinder Fall. Blame is likely now place on Ozpin since Jaune knows that Pyrrha has fallen for him, and Team JNPR lost their best friend.

The morale among Team RWBY seems lower than ever with them being denied access to Atlas in order to speak with General Ironwood and making it to the academy to secure the relic hidden there. The decline begins with Qrow who has been hitting the bottle harder than a big horned sheep as of late. Having the dark secret of the only person who believed in him revealed has dashed whatever hope was left in Qrow. We know that he drinks but his alcoholism has gotten to better of him and he is becoming toxic to everyone around him including his niece Ruby who sees the good in her Uncle and believes that he can be a better person. The problem is Qrow’s Semblance brings misfortune to those around him and, unlike other hunters, it’s always active. Despite this, Ruby attempted again to talk to Qrow only to be shut out by him. For the first time, we see Ruby become frustrated and angry, and she even lashes out, tossing her phone to the ground in disgust when Qrow doesn’t answer. This is a major change in their relationship since Ruby looked up to her Uncle and Qrow trained Ruby how to use Crescent Rose. He is the one who told her stories about hunters and huntresses thus fueling Ruby’s desire to become a huntress. But Ruby doesn’t know what to think of him not that she has seen his darker side as he slowly becomes that ‘man no body wants’ again.

In spite of what just occurred, the light in Ruby has not begun to fade. She now looks to Maria Calavera for guidance in training her to use her unique abilities involving her silver eyes. Maria agrees to help especially since the Silver Eyed warriors have been targeted by Salem for years due to their heritage with the God of Light. This rare breed of heroes could be the key to defeating Salem since she has reason to fear them.

The heaviest burden of all falls on Oscar, who has become the latest in a long line of vessels for Osma/Ozpin. Just a short time ago, he was just a farm boy on his family’s ranch, enjoying a normal life with little burden. Suddenly, he is thrust into a dark and sinister world that he knew so little about. Oscar carries the weight of the world on his shoulders now due to being selected as a new vessel for Ozpin. If anyone has it rough, it’s him. Yet no one seems to notice that fact and overlook it, quick to blame Ozpin for his actions rather than help Oscar with his problem. Since the reveal of Ozpin’s past by Jinn, the Genie Spirit of the Relic of Knowledge, Oscar is starting to come to terms that perhaps he is more of a burden to everyone and decides to leave without a word. Qrow has seemingly done the same. Due to his constantly active Semblance of misfortune, he has put distance between himself and the Beacon Students, but mostly Ozpin whom he can no longer be around.