Jun 07 2012

Idea: Cosplay Spotlight! Let your face be seen, and your voice be heard!

We were thinking of having a section on the site that’s dedicated to the cosplayers from all walks of life, and give them a set amount of time (a week) to shine. We haven’t figured out how much time we would let the spotlight last because we want it to be fair to everyone. Comment below, and if we see that there’s enough “talk” then we will find a way to make the J1 Studios Cosplay Spotlight a reality!

The spotlight would include a small written interview, with advertisement (in the article/interview) to your website(s). We would pick out photos of your cosplay to post. Let us know by emailing us at j.richardson@j1studios.com and say “Hey I want to be in the Cosplay Spotlight!”


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  1. Jose Santos

    If I were a little better, I would love an interview. But for now, Plank and I will spread this to our friends who are much more worthy.

  2. Ginger (GNB Cosplay)

    Awesome idea! I know my girls from Chocolate Covered Cosplay would love to be interviewed!


    1. JasonR

      Tell them all about us and all the cool stuff we do!

  3. Phil

    okay that would be epic!

    1. BrianM

      I agree! Dude, if you know any folks who are into cosplay share this; get ’em here!

  4. Molly

    This sounds great!

    1. BrianM

      Thanks. If you know anyone who likes to cosplay just send them here. I would really like us to do this.

  5. Dokudel

    I am pretty interested in this being a new installment to the website. I love reading about how cosplayers got into the hobby and what makes them keep going. <3

  6. Celcia

    I think this sounds like a fabulous idea! I’d love to participate if you guys make this happen and I really enjoy learning more about other cosplayers. There’s some crazy talented people out there!

  7. Will KnowOne

    Great idea!!! Hope I get profiled…though I’ve only cosplayed twice. LOL! >_<

  8. William Cosplay

    Yes I would like to see this happen. But there would be two categories. Those who have made costumes and those who buy them to wear them.

    1. JasonR

      Good idea!

  9. Adam

    Also as a photographer and the director behind the upcoming Wonder Woman Fan Film ‘Heritage’ I would love to be able to have some time to talk about it 🙂 and also the cosplayers I have photographed since starting in this industry.

    1. JasonR

      Wonder Woman fan film?? Perhaps we can do a pre release review it. 😉

      1. Adam

        Cool you can check us out on http://www.facebook.com/wonderwomanfanfilm or http://www.wonderwomanfanfilm.com.

        Or drop me an email


  10. Cesil

    This looks fantastic! I would be honored to be a part of it ^_^ and very interested to see others works as well! <3

  11. RayR

    I think that it would be great to do a spotlight on cosplayers. There are a lot of awesome cosplayers out there and it’d be an honor to showcase all the people who do this. Especially all the more elaborate cosplayers that put a lot of time in their costumes.

  12. Tiff Brown

    I really want this to happen hands down
    cosplay is the best hobby I’ve ever had in my life beside drawing
    and stuff
    and usually since I don’t work I improvise (very well)
    with my cosplay

  13. Kate K Milo

    I think it’s a great idea too. people work sooooo hard on those costumes.

  14. Beth Shelley

    I deff want this to happen. Cosplay is dedication and that should be appreciated!! I think its pretty cool ^_^ It would prolly make more people want to cosplay so that their hardwork could be shown.

  15. Marc Carter

    Thats a pretty awesome idea! I’m all for it! This way it, you can spotlight certain cosplayers that would love the exposure. It’s a best way for cosplayers and non-cosplayers to get connected! Many cosplayers have different websites or fan pages that they want to spread out and this would be the best opportunity for that to happen!

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