Heavenly Sword coming to Blu-Ray and DVD !! Is it too late?!

heavenly sword movie

Yes, it has been seven years since Nariko took up the Heavenly Sword and decimated Bohan’s army when the game launched on the PS3. Coming in two months is a movie based upon the game which begs the question–is it too late? Not really. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children come out in 2005, eight years after the game was released for the original Playstation. So doing a Heavenly Sword movie is viable. Well, that’s enough bush beating. I am glad to see this awesome game finally done as a movie. The graphics may be a bit outdated but still it is cool. Anna Torv reprises her role as Nariko which is a definite plus because she was good for that character. Well, I will keep my eye out for this.

The Heavenly Sword movie comes to DVD and Blu-Ray September 2.