Gundam Wing voice actor to play “Hero Hunter” Garou in One Punch Man Season 2!!

It appears that Saitama will be getting some competition in the upcoming second season of ONE and Yusuke Murata’s superhero-themed action comedy manga One-Punch Man. Garo is set to appear in the anime’s second season to begin his “Hero Hunt.” Portraying him will be Hikaru Midorikawa, known for his role as Heero Yuy in “Mobile Suit Gundam Wing” and Sakamoto in “Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto.”

The 49-year old actor has this to say about taking on the role: “”I have given an opportunity to play Garo this time. Since it is a very important role, I am very happy and feel so much pressure at the same time I have heard that Makoto Furukawa-kun, who is playing Saitama, decided to become a voice actor because he admired me. So I can’t show him my clumsy side (wry smile). I’ll do my best to make Garo as the character more fascinating. Please look forward to it.”

Midorikawa will also portray Garo on the fourth album drama CD, “Maji CD Drama & Song” to be released on June 20. The inside jacket features Garo with the One-Punch Man himself, Saitama.

Still, there is no confirmed release date for the second season of One-Punch Man. The announced is scheduled to be revealed at “One-Punch Man Maji Gakuensai” event to be held at Omiya Sonic City Big
Hall in Saitama Prefecture on August 12. So it is likely that new season will be seen sometime this Fall.